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  1. We’ve moved!

    Just a friendly reminder that we have moved into our new space now. The address is 101 11500 29th St. SE. Calgary, AB. T2Z 3W9. We are still in the process of working out a more permanent solution with regards to the secure drop box so until that time the...
  2. #T1D gets over $21,000 in tax refunds!

    Our resident tax credit specialist, Steven, was able to get a client back tax refunds by applying for a tax credit certificate.  Due to being a Type 1 Diabetic, Steven provided the information, gave specific instruction on what needed to happen and the rest was in CRAs hands.  Well, today,...
  3. Sole Proprietors – GST is due April 30, not June 15!

    For those of you that are sole proprietors, your annual GST payment is due APRIL 30! and not June 15.  The June 15 due date on your GST form is for filing your GST, NOT for paying it! Please visit CRA’s website for more information:
  4. Are You Putting Too Much Into Your RRSPs?

    Did you know…there is a possibility of putting too much money into your RRSP so that you DON’T enjoy the maximum tax benefits?  We can assist you to optimize, not necessarily maximize your RRSP contribution.  Call to book an appointment.
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