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A Place To Invest: The Small Business Financial Advisors

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We know that you love what you do – and that you do it well. We also know that you work too hard not to have it pay off for you down the road. That is why we have developed the Wealth and Risk Management arm of our business. In addition to showing you the numbers, we have extended our support to help you grow your wealth and protect your investments.

Using financial solutions such as RRSPs, Investments, Insurance, Personal and Group benefits, Tax Deductible Mortgage and Debt Solutions, Tax Free Savings and Health Spending Account Services we can develop solutions based on your individual and business needs to manage risk exposure and impact and prepare for your future.

Our financial advisers will work with you to identify, assess and prioritize your needs, offer detailed and meaningful advice and develop a comprehensive plan to manage your risk exposure and plan for your future.

A healthy financial future is about more than just the paycheck.


Our vision is to take the burden of mundane tasks off your list giving you the freedom to focus on your passions and areas of expertise.


We will support our clients through professional wealth and risk management services tailored to each individual client’s needs which will facilitate in their business and personal growth and direction

Health & Dental Coverage for Small Businesses


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