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A Place To Educate: The Small Business Training Centre

The Small Business Training Centre offers networking events, investment and general business seminars for our clients and the public; a place for business owners to meet like minds and enhance their knowledge in various aspects of a business and their personal lives. Additionally, our boardroom can be reserved for your next business meeting or training event.

We know that you love what you do and that you do it well. You can count on us to support your educational needs by providing educational seminars, networking events, training sessions and business centre resources to help your business grow. From time to time you may require a place to hold a business meeting or a place to train or educate your staff or clientele, we have you covered. Our professional, fully equipped, boardroom is available to meet these needs.

Visit the Events/Seminar section of our website to register for upcoming seminars and events.

A healthy business is about more than just a seminar.


Our vision is to provide useful information for the entrepreneur, giving them the understanding and knowledge to make informed decisions within their business.


We will support our clients through educational seminars, networking opportunities, and professional boardroom services in a relaxing atmosphere allowing for open communication and learning.

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