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More Than Just The Business
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Why Choose Us

“I wanted my business to grow. For years I dropped off my bookkeeping at an office where they barely knew my name. When I switched to The Small Business Accountants, the first thing they did was to schedule a meeting with me to learn more about my business, my goals and my challenges. All of a sudden I felt like there was not only hope – but there was someone looking in who could see the things I could not. What a relief !”

It’s more than just the numbers

With us, it’s not just about bookkeeping entries and tax returns. It’s about understanding what you want and expect from your business, and then how to get it.

“I knew that I had a great idea – I just was not sure how I could make money at it. My Account Manager sat with me, listened to what I had to say and then looked over the numbers with me. Together we made a plan that has given me an income – and now we have extended that plan for growth. It’s more than I expected from a bookkeeping service.”

We want to know where you want to go

It’s important for us to understand your goals so that we can advise you on tax strategies and business procedures that will save you time and money.

As you begin to reach your goals and your business grows your strategies and procedures will change. Because we keep a close eye on your business and have expertise in growth we can continue to work with you to ensure your success.

The Small Business Group of CompaniesMore than Just The Business
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