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Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Taxes

Accounting, Bookkeeping and TaxesNot quite big enough to hire a full time bookkeeper? We have just the answer for you.

With a friendly reminder phone call, we help you to keep your books up to date with a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual plan with scheduled dates to receive and work on your information.

We do as little or as much as you want us to – you want to keep the invoicing in house, no problem, SBA Gateway is a wonderful way of keeping track of your invoicing without having to enter all the expenses. This is just one of the ways you can modify your bookkeeping needs. Contact us to discuss your individual business needs.

Government filings like payroll remittances, GST, dividends, & T4′s are just part of our regular bookkeeping services provided to you. You decide what you would like to have as part of your bookkeeping needs and you will have it, accurate and on time.

No business owner wants to worry about new rules and regulations set out each year by Revenue Canada. Our job is to keep up to date on what is new – and to advise you on strategies that work best for you and your business!

Not only can we complete your Corporate tax returns & Personal tax returns, we can also help you strategically plan for your future tax, investment and insurance needs. Understanding both your tax needs and your investment and risk requirements adds to our holistic approach to helping you.


Keeping your records organized, accurate, and filed on time is key to having a well run business. And if by chance, Revenue Canada comes calling for an audit, you need not worry. We are here to take care of the details while you continue to run your business. We will liaise with Revenue Canada to ensure there is clear and concise communication, and all the necessary documentation is prepared for them.

Expat Tax Services

Trust an American CPA with your US taxes. Services range from a basic tax return to the IRS Amnesty Program. Extra forms may be required depending on your situation. We will ensure that all forms are done accurately and on time.

With a Master’s of Taxation, a CPA license and experience with the new tax laws in the United States, you can ensure that your US taxes are in good hands. Not only will your basic US tax return be taken care of and filed on time, we also provide the IRS amnesty program in case you didn’t know you were supposed to file while living abroad. In some cases, additional forms will be required and provided.

Basic Tax return

Includes: Form 1040 – Individual tax return, Form 1116 – Foreign Tax credit, Form 2555- Foreign Earned Income, Schedule A- Itemized deduction, Schedule B- Interest and Dividends (to 5 accounts), Schedule D- Capital Gains and Losses (2 accounts) Additional forms will be considered and added if needed.

IRS Amnesty Program 

3 years of tax returns, 6 years of FBARs and the streamline Certification Form.

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