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Not quite big enough to hire a full time bookkeeper? We have just the answer for you.


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A healthy financial future is about more than just the paycheck. We can help.


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A place to network, share ideas, educate and collaborate for a healthy business future.

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A business is just like a tree: it starts out small and grows. Just as a tree that starts from a seed and needs soil for nutrients, roots to feed it, a trunk for stability, and leaves to keep it growing, so does your business. A good amount of care and supervision goes a long way to ensure that all aspects are strong and well supplied. This allows the business to grow at a steady and optimal rate in the business environment where it lives and breathes.

All businesses start with the idea of “find a need and fill it” (Ruth Stafford Peale). Whatever that idea turns out to be, it becomes the seed of the business. Just as you would choose your seed, you choose the type of business you want: a business that would fit into your life and lifestyle, not the other way around.

This seed of an idea then needs to be nourished. That is what a business plan supplies. As the business grows, the plan will change and evolve to support the changing conditions that are present.

The internal structures of your business are comparable to the roots of the tree. The four main roots for a successful business are: Advisory Team, Finances, Systems, and Marketing. All of these roots feed your business with different, but necessary nutrients.

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