A range of accounting services including 

Bookkeeping, Income Tax Planning as well as Tax Preparation

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We offer a range of accounting services including bookkeeping, income tax planning as well as tax preparation. We’re also happy to offer advice to our clients in order to assist you in deciding what options best suit your needs.

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The Small Business Accountants Ltd was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2000 with a strong commitment to our clients based on integrity, accuracy and efficiency. We can advise you on how to start a business as a sole proprietor and when to make the transition to an incorporated company and as your business grows…


The Small Business Accountants Ltd

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Small Business Accountants in Calgary, Alberta

No business owner wants to worry about new rules and regulations set out each year by Revenue Canada...

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Calgary Small Business Financial Advisors

We all know that as you and your family grow you will need an ever changing array of services...

Latest News

2024 Federal Budget Highlights

2024 Federal Budget Highlights

On April 16, 2024, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, presented the federal budget.
While there are no changes to federal personal or corporate tax rates, the budget introduces:

• An increase in the portion of capital gains subject to tax, rising from 50% to 66.67%, starting June 25, 2024. However, individual gains up to $250,000 annually will retain the 50% rate.
• The lifetime exemption limit for capital gains has been raised to $1.25 million. Additionally, a new one-third inclusion rate is set for up to $2 million in capital gains for entrepreneurs.
• The budget confirms the alternative minimum tax changes planned for January 1, 2024 but lessens their impact on charitable contributions.
• This year’s budget emphasizes making housing more affordable. It provides incentives for building rental properties specifically designed for long-term tenants.
• Introduces new support measures to aid people buying their first homes.
• Costs for specific patents and tech equipment and software can now be written off immediately.
• Canada carbon rebate for small business

The Health Spending Account for Business Owners and Incorporated Professionals

The Health Spending Account for Business Owners and Incorporated Professionals

Discover a game-changing solution to manage medical expenses efficiently – the Health Spending Account. As a business owner, reduce tax burdens and provide tax-free benefits to yourself and employees. No monthly premiums, cost-effective, and hassle-free reimbursement process. Unlock the full potential of your healthcare budget now.

Investment Planning

Investment Planning

We all have a different purpose or objective, be it saving for a house, your child’s future education or even for your retirement and we will be able to support you in choosing the most appropriate investments for your own situation.